I JUST GOT BACK FROM POWELL’S i spent all the money i brought YAY SUCCESS and also books!

there’s something really nice about being in a building filled with so many words and thinking, i am breathing the same air as a bunch of people who are just as nerdy as me. 

aka the vacation when our car fell apart

ugh i’m sorry if you’ve messaged me in the last 3 weeks and i haven’t responded

my excuse is that i’m on vacation and i have a sideblog to run but honestly i’m just awkward and bad at communicating.

brainprince replied to your post: this is ridiculous who wants to talk flail with me…

meeee I am probably gonna show up outside your door crying and confused some monday night and you will just have to deal with it because I don’t know anyone else who watches teen wolf.

augghhhhh i’m going to be out of town for the next two mondays! but you definitely should talk to me about it all the time or text me a bunch (except i don’t get phone service for like a week what the hell is this vacation) and like come over for the twelvth episode or somethinggggggg